Zinctone has published a CD called 789/578.

The album was released by the German Nabel-Label in 2002 and is distributed by jazznetwork. 789/578 is available through internet retailers as, the jazz-network store, or personally from the band for 15 Euro after contacting us via e-mail:

The songs of the album are listed below, available in various quantity as online streams (128kbps, 44MHz). Check back as other songs become available! We recommend using the Quicktime-media pluging, downloadable for free from Apple's Quicktime pages. We realize it takes a while to download these streams, sorry for the inconvenience!


Citromath - fasten seatbelts, stop smoking and don’t bite your neighbour’s ear.


Two hearts - urban life.

Rumours - for those about to rock.

Changing constellations - a tasty pop-song.
789/578 - an instrumental track showing that minimal and groove are not opposite.
Arrival - they are out there, somewhere. Guess so?
Far too gentle - a melodic song, featuring the essence of our thought of music.
Excretion - ever wondered about the whale’s life?
At a snail's pace - the nature of time keeps moving at a snail's pace..
Stings - chamber music for 21st century rock.