I started out being an active musician in 1991 with a Thrash Metal band called ”Morgue”. Getting more and more involved in music, I had to realize there was more to it than fast licks and aggression, and I began to get bored by its one-sidedness. This let me to quit ”Morgue” and I started playing in several bands, covering all different types of music from Pop to Bebop, from Industrial to Classic.

So today, I am glad to be often called by different orchestras and bands to join them for gigs or other projects. These let me to work with many talented musicians, national and international, I otherwise may never have met, as well as to tours through China and California (USA). Nevertheless, I'm always happy to be back with Zinctone, giving me the opportunity to create my own music and to realize a part of my vision of how intelligent music may look like.

Currently, I'm working on my doctoral dissertation in civil engineering at the University of Kansas. While it's hard to keep a busy playing schedule, I still manage to land the occasional gig.

For me as a bassist, I see my role more in being some sort of “the eye of the storm”. Holding the song together and laying out the rhythmic and harmonic foundation for the rest of the ensemble while they may weave their textures. Though, I am very concerned of sound-subtleties and I do think music can be exciting just because of its sounds.

the band
Matthias Bonheger-Kadel Andreas Heuser maltevr Raimund Gitsels