The music

The discipline is called Avantgarde Jazz Pop.

The sound finds its origin in the questionably lifestyle of the millennium’s change and remains timeless: everything is always and ever available.

Weird musical clocks resound in front of an urban noise-scene.

Virtual natural runs give access to surreal worlds.

Spherical sounds wake naive yearnings for endless voids.

The songs make use of Arabian ghost stories, deal with the blue-whales’ coupling behaviour or describe in a serene-ironic manner the longed-for arrival of extraterrestrial life.

Sometimes the flashy, gaudy colours of a cheap comic strip, sometimes the somber visions of a black-and-white Metropolis that move before the listener’s eyes.

The film for this soundtrack has yet to be shot.

The band

Called to life in 1997, Zinctone is formed by four musicians out of Germany’s Rhine-Ruhr-Area:

Matthias Bonheger-Kadel (drums) and Malte von Ramin (bass, touch-guitar) form through machinelike, mathematical grooves the save basis for oblique-obstinate textures and surprise within delicate, atmospheric passages through austerity and subtle accompaniment.

The large stylistic bandwidth of Andreas Heuser (guitar) moves far beyond the several meanings of Jazz, Rock and World-music. If in the need of it, his instrument may also sound like a harp, a synthesizer or a drilling machine.

Strange electric string-sounds and distorted violin-riffs are Raimund Gitsels (violin, vocals) specialty, who also stamps the music with his melodic narrative voice.

The news

A decade of Zinctone: 13.12.2007 at Katakomben Theater, Essen, Germany. If that's no reason to see us again.

Posted new files in the mUSic section: Changing Constellations and Stings.

maltevr's back from Irish shores. And Zinctone is rehearsing regularly. Well. Regularly in a Zinctone sense.

It's been a long run, but the time for resurrection has arrived: The band returned back to life on stage December 22 2005 in the DJazz Club in Duisburg, Germany. Raimund and Matze got a day off from their Honigdieb duties, Andreas' Transorient Orchestra won't gather that night, and Malte heads down from exile among Ireland's sheep for a bunch of familiar tunes. Almost like Christmas. A night of joy. Pictures in the recent GIG section

Zinctone has an internet distributor: Jazz-Network. They also provide some radio streams, and we enjoy being featured on one of them. Send your requests to

The CD 785/578 is still available as “Nabel 4689” on the German Nabel Records label. Nabel is supposed to have Europe-wide distribution contracts and cooperating distributors in the US of A as well. If the record dealer of your trust does not have the CD in stock, he might want to order it for you using this code number. However, if he’s unable to do so, the CD will be easiest obtained through us via email. It’s cheap: 15 Euro each plus shipping.