Zinctone affiliations and things to consider visiting:

Andreas Heuser - Yeap, Andreasí not only busy with Zinctone

Baba Jam - Andreasí Folk-Jazz band

Centrozoon - electronic ambient music

Clover Guitars - fine bass guitars made in Recklinghausen

The Dazy Haze - those folks are so crazy about Zinctone, they must be good!

Das Junge Orchester - a passionate symphonic orchestra

Europa String Choir - modern chamber music

Nabel Records - the record label publishing our new 785/578 CD

Octafish - industrial fake jazz

Honigdieb - the next strange German band

Pro Jazz e.V. - Dortmundís Jazz scene

Tony Levinís road diary - the innovative bassistís road diary

Touchstyle - the touchstyle playerís community

Violet Quartet - the merger of four violins, featuring Raimund Gitsels and Andreas Heuser

If you like to get in contact, write to: