andreas w. heuser

  • born 1959 in Friedrichshafen
  • since 1974 musical beginnings and first experiences with bands
  • 1983-92 studies of Classical Guitar, Jazz Guitar and Violin at the Musikhochschule Dortmund
  • since 1985 lectureship at music schools
  • 1985-87 Jazz Rock-Band Cubera
  • 1987-90 duo-concerts with Alf Loth
  • since 1987 cooperation with author Jürgen Wiersch, different lyric & music-projects (Vergnügungsbehörde, ca. 12, Theater i.A., Odyssee in Lyrix)
  • since 1988 cooperation with Kazim Calisgan as Duo and with the bands E5, Ethnic Business und Baba Jam, several festival shows and radiorecordings
  • 1992 winner of the Deutscher Folk-Förderpreis with the Baba Jam Band
  • since 1994 solo in concert with originals, combining elements of Jazz, Classical and World Music



ANDREAS HEUSER solo: "Continuum", 1996; "Unknown Places", 1999


with BABA JAM: "Kayada", 1993; "Dost Kervan",  2000; all CDs published by Acoustic Music Records / Zomba

PUBLISHED SHEET MUSIC: "Continuum", "Unknown Places" at Acoustic Music Books


have a look at his personal web-site to see what his current non-Zinctone-activities are!!!

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